Over the last few years of my time in this program I have had many ideas for capstone projects. But now that it’s time to actually choose one, I am finding myself struggling to like any of my old ideas, so i have decided to start fresh. This first week of the semester I have been doing the daily journals, brainstorming exercises, and reflecting on my passions in life and in design. I have been finding this extremely helpful as starting on a blank slate is always daunting. I feel as though I am starting to get a little bit of direction and I am excited to see where I take this project.

What excites you most about capstone?

I am most excited for the self-directed format of the capstone project. I think this will be the first time in my design career where I truly can create whatever I want to, and have an excuse to dive deep into something I am passionate about. I have been experiencing a lot of burnout over the past year, and I think that this project will help pull me out of it.

What do you like the most about communication design? Why?

My favorite thing about communication design has always been the problem solving. While i love having creative outlets, at times I find it hard to motivate myself to create something just for the sake of creating. Having a problem to solve through design helps to push me into my projects.

What past school project have you enjoyed doing? Why?

When I think of some of my favorite school projects a few come to mind: the type 3 magazine project, the album cover project, and most of my motion projects. The link I can find between those projects is that they were a very open subject matter. We got to choose to focus the project on something we were personally interested in. I think this ties into what I love about communication design, we were given a problem to solve, but had the ability to tie our creative passions into them.